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DrKran's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 337 (From 36 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5,200 Points

Adventure Story

Newbie Mage Unlocked 4/25/15
10 Points
Cast a spell for the first time.
Newbie Warrior Unlocked 4/25/15
10 Points
Discover the standard 3-hit melee combo.
Clouds Disappear 5 Points Collapse a cloud by standing on it.
Ice is Slippery 5 Points Stand on ice and slide around.
Lava is Hot 5 Points Stand on lava for too long and get hurt.
Shrooms are Bouncy 5 Points Bounce off a mushroom and into the air.
Watch Your Step 5 Points Collapse a wooden platform by walking over it.
Animal Cruelty 10 Points Drop an enemy into some spikes, and watch it suffer.
Desert Dash 10 Points Beat Level 7 in under 50 seconds.
Foe Bouncer 10 Points Perform a massive aerial combo by bouncing off enemies.
Foe Juggler 10 Points Keep an enemy up in the air by attacking it.
Forest Jog 10 Points Beat level 3 in under 40 seconds.
Frost Bite 10 Points Hit an enemy with a dangling icicle.
Glacier Run 10 Points Beat Level 13 in under 60 seconds.
Master Mage 10 Points Cast a level 3 spell.
Master Warrior 10 Points Lose your ability to cast spells, you don't need them.
Self Destruction 10 Points Defeat any boss with their own projectiles.
Spikes are Painful 10 Points Fall into a pit of spikes and regret it.
The Credits 10 Points Check out the credits page and maybe visit some links.
Volcano Sprint 10 Points Beat Level 19 in under 70 seconds.
Balanced Skillset 25 Points Buy the weakest version of every spell.
Boss Immunity 25 Points Defeat any boss without getting hit.
Endangered Species 25 Points Defeat 1000 foes in total.
Level Grinder 25 Points Reach an experience level of 30.
Power Up 25 Points Max out your HP and MP.
Boss Hunter 50 Points Complete the Boss Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Foe Exterminator 50 Points Complete the Foe Rush on hard or epic difficulty.
Gold Hoarder 50 Points Collect every coin in every level.
Great Adventurer 50 Points Open every treasure chest in every level.
The End 100 Points Complete level 20, rescue the princess and finish the game.

Medals Earned: 2/30 (20/600 points)

Age of Wonder : Scrolls

Novice Educator Unlocked 2/24/15
10 Points
Get 30 Ankhs
Vanishing Scroll Unlocked 2/24/15
10 Points
Teleport a scroll
50K Club Unlocked 2/24/15
25 Points
Total Score of 50,000+
Half Century Unlocked 2/24/15
25 Points
Enlighten 50 peasants
Scroll Thrower Unlocked 2/24/15
25 Points
Throw 100 Scrolls
Class Graduated Unlocked 2/24/15
50 Points
Complete all 30 levels
100K Club Unlocked 2/24/15
100 Points
Total Score of 100,000+
Master Educator Unlocked 2/24/15
100 Points
Get all 90 Ankhs

Medals Earned: 8/8 (345/345 points)

Armor Mayhem

First Blood Unlocked 4/13/18
5 Points
Kill 1 Soldier
Once upon a time Unlocked 4/13/18
5 Points
Complete the first mission
Ouch Unlocked 4/13/18
5 Points
Get killed by the map
Piggy Bank Unlocked 4/13/18
5 Points
Earn 100$
Third time is the best Unlocked 4/13/18
5 Points
Score a Triple Kill
Acupuncture 5 Points Unlock the Dart Gun
Amateur killer 5 Points Kill 100 Soldiers
Apprentice Killer 5 Points Kill 30 Soldiers
Death from the sky 5 Points Score a double kill with the Ion Cannon equipped
Delivery 5 Points Capture 15 flags
Give it back 5 Points Kill 5 soldiers holding a flag
Gold Digger 5 Points Earn 1000$
Kaboom 5 Points Unlock the Rocket Launcher
Master Blaster 5 Points Unlock the Plasma Gun
Ninja 5 Points Catch a flag in the air
Rocket Rain 5 Points Unlock the Automatic Rocket Launcher
Seek and Destroy 5 Points Score a double kill with the Auto. Rocket Launcher equipped
Super Virus 5 Points Win a mission in Overdrive mode
What time is it? 5 Points Unlock the Slow Bubble Gun
Will you ever learn? 5 Points Get killed by the map 10 times
All your base are belong to us 10 Points Control all the control points in a mission at once
Expert killer 10 Points Kill 200 Soldiers
Ion Blaster 10 Points Unlock the Ion Cannon
Keep going 10 Points Complete 50% of the missions
Mad Dough 10 Points Earn 3000$
Suit up! 10 Points Unlock all the armor styles
Weapon Master 10 Points Unlock all the weapons
Complete 25 Points Complete all the missions
Master killer 25 Points Kill 500 Soldiers
Godly killer 50 Points Kill 1000 Soldiers

Medals Earned: 5/30 (25/270 points)

Awesome Conquest

Annihilation Unlocked 3/17/15
5 Points
Win a Battle 1st Try
Evangelist Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Earn 1000 Mana
Flee Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Retreat 10 Units
Medic Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Heal 20 Units
Skyscraper Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Build a Level 4 Building
Slayer Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Kill 500 Baddies
Tycoon Unlocked 3/17/15
10 Points
Mine 10000 Gold
Champion Unlocked 3/17/15
25 Points
Max Level a Unit
Conscription 10 Points 16 Military Units
Got Amulet 10 Points Reclaim All Parts of Your Amulet
All Mighty 25 Points Use All Acts of God
Speedy 50 Points Finish the Game in Under 35 Days

Medals Earned: 8/12 (90/185 points)

Battalion Commander 2

Corporal Unlocked 3/7/15
10 Points
Achieve Corporal rank
Mission Complete Unlocked 3/7/15
10 Points
Complete 10 missions
Firebat Unlocked 3/7/15
25 Points
Burn 25 enemy troops
Martial Arts Unlocked 3/7/15
25 Points
Stab 30 enemies
Donkey Kong 25 Points Kill 30 enemies with barrel explosion
Hot Wheels 50 Points Cover 800 meters in the car in one run
The Winner 50 Points Complete Normal Mode
Colonel 100 Points Achieve Colonel rank
Die Hard 100 Points Cover 2500 meters in one run
Persistent 100 Points Unlock all perks

Medals Earned: 4/10 (70/495 points)

Binding of Isaac DEMO

Basement Unlocked 1/31/15
10 Points
kill the first boss
Master of Sins 25 Points find and kill a miniboss
Money well spent 25 Points buy somethign in the shop
Cave 50 Points Kill the second boss
Secret room 50 Points find it

Medals Earned: 1/5 (10/160 points)

Bitzy Blitz

Get Talent Unlocked 1/31/15
5 Points
Spend your first Talent Point.
Small Spender Unlocked 1/31/15
5 Points
Spend some rubies in the ugrade menu.
Sticking Around Unlocked 1/31/15
5 Points
Play through the intro.
First Boss Domination Unlocked 1/31/15
10 Points
Defeat the first boss.
Hero Master Unlocked 1/31/15
10 Points
Fully upgrade your hero talents.
I'm Rich Unlocked 1/31/15
10 Points
Have at least 4000 rubies when you enter the upgrade menu.
Assault Rifle Master Unlocked 1/31/15
25 Points
Fully upgrade your assault rifle.
Bazooka Master Unlocked 1/31/15
25 Points
Fully upgrade your bazooka.
Second Boss Domination Unlocked 1/31/15
25 Points
Defeat the second boss.
Sniper Master Unlocked 1/31/15
25 Points
Fully upgrade your sniper rifle.
Final Boss Domination Beginner Unlocked 1/31/15
50 Points
Beat the final boss on beginner.
Third Boss Domination Unlocked 1/31/15
50 Points
Defeat the third boss.
Weapons Master Unlocked 1/31/15
50 Points
Fully upgrade all your weapons.
Portal Fan 25 Points Unlock the secret companion cube.
Robot Unicorn Fan 25 Points Unlock the secret robot unicorn.
Endless Endurer 50 Points Beat all the waves on endless mode.
Final Boss Domination Hard 100 Points Beat the final boss on hard.

Medals Earned: 13/17 (295/495 points)

Bobby Da Arrow

Bobby To The Rescue Unlocked 2/24/15
10 Points
Rescue your first civilian
Gob Stopper Unlocked 2/24/15
10 Points
K.O your first goblin in battle!
Rising Star Unlocked 2/24/15
10 Points
Earn 30 stars
Gob Crusher 5 Points K.O a goblin by crushing it!
Hay Burn 5 Points Burn a bale of hay
Arrow Of Time 10 Points Unlock all arrow types
A Touch Of Glass 25 Points Drop a chandelier onto a goblin
Bobby Da Saviour 50 Points Take out every single goblin
Civilized 50 Points Rescure every civilian
Shooting Star 100 Points Earn all 90 stars

Medals Earned: 3/10 (30/275 points)

BoxDude TD DX

Battle Start Unlocked 2/24/15
5 Points
Start playing.
Versus 5 Points Submit a score to the leaderboards.
Dark Galaxy 10 Points Beat the Dark Galaxy map.
Green Planet 10 Points Beat the Green Planet map.
Lava Way 10 Points Beat the Lava Way map.
Sand Hills 10 Points Beat the Sand Hills map.
Golden Astronaut 50 Points Find the hidden Golden Astronaut token.

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/100 points)

Cathode Raybots

Channel Flipper Unlocked 7/20/16
5 Points
Defeat the Regular TV crew.
Gang Banger Unlocked 4/23/15
5 Points
Defeat 10 random bosses.
Jerk Killer Unlocked 7/20/16
5 Points
Defeat the Jerk Squad.
N00Binator Unlocked 4/24/15
5 Points
Kill the N00bs.
Proletariat Unlocked 4/24/15
5 Points
Defeat the Bourgeois.
Unpatriotic Unlocked 4/23/15
5 Points
Defeat the Patriots.
67 Deep Sixer 5 Points Defeat the 67 Bots.
Bad Dude 5 Points Defeat the Bad Dudes.
Butt Pincher 5 Points Defeat the HUGE Jerks.
Castle Crusher 5 Points Defeat the Castle Crashers.
Emotikiller 5 Points Kill the NG Emotes.
Evil Slayer 5 Points Defeat the Evil Bosses.
Hate the Game 5 Points Defeat the VG Legends.
Killer of Legends 5 Points Kill the legendary characters.
Travisty 5 Points Defeat the Travis Bots.
Troll 5 Points Defeat the NG Folks.

Medals Earned: 6/16 (30/80 points)